BINGE-WATCH LIST: 14 Korean Zombie Films And Series To Stream — From Action-Thrillers To Romance And Comedy

If you’re looking for zombie films and series in different genres, this list got you covered. Here are 13 titles you might want to add to your binge-watch list.

1-2.) Kingdom Seasons 1 And 2
“Kingdom” is a zombie series set in the Joseon era, the first two seasons focused on the zombie apocalypse and how the people of Joseon fought for survival while trying to uncover the reason behind the outbreak.

3.) Kingdom: Ashin Of The North
“Kingdom: Ashin Of The North” is the prequel of “Kingdom”, and centers around the character Ashin and the discovery of the plant that brings the dead back to life.

4.) Train To Busan

The film is about a father who desperately tried to protect his daughter from a zombie outbreak. But things turned dark when zombies start chasing after them while trapped inside a train.

5.) Sweet Home
The series is about a boy who became an orphan after his family passed away due to a car accident. Thinking about how he will survive, he sold their house and moved into a smaller apartment. A strange occurrence, however, happened. Suddenly, Hyun and the rest of the apartment’s residents were up to fight against humans who were turning into monsters in hopes to survive.

6.) Rampant
“Rampant” is a period zombie film featuring a sudden outbreak of the infected during the Joseon dynasty.

7.) The Odd Family: Zombie On Sale
The film combines zombies, comedy, and a splash of romance.

8.) Peninsula
The film takes place four years after the events in “Train To Busan.”

9.) #ALIVE
The Korean film follows the story of Oh Joon Woo, a gamer who got stuck alone at home during a zombie apocalypse, and Kim Yoo Bin, the girl who lives in a unit in front of Joo Woo’s. The movie revolves around the two as they scavenge their way to survival.

#ALIVE showcases the usual zombie plotline: man-eating zombies running after humans. However, although it still has the horror-thriller factor, #ALIVE actually has less suspenseful scenes and minimal gore. 

9.) The Wailing
A mysterious infection outbreak and unsolved killings surround a village in this horror-thriller film. “The Wailing” gives a twist to the zombie genre by amplifying the terror and jump-scares.

11.) Seoul Station
“Seoul Station” is an animated zombie film and is said to be the prequel to “Train To Busan.”

12.) Happiness
In the midst of COVID-19, a new disease that turn the infected into a rabid mad person (similar to zombies) start to spread. The city was placed into a lockdown, also affecting an apartment where a detective named Jung Yi Hyun and a female special force officer named Yoon Sae Bom live. The two team up to help save as much people as possible, until the cure is found and made.

13.) Zombie Detective
“Zombie Detective” puts a different spin to the popular zombie genre. In the series, viewers will only focus on one zombie — who doesn’t even want to eat human flesh — and his attempt to survive in the city while disguised as a living person.


14.) All Of Us Are Dead
When virus started to spread in school, Hyosan’s students fight for their lives in order to survive a sudden zombie outbreak. 


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