TRAVEL: Gangnam, Seoul—Attractions You Can Visit During A 5-Minute Quick Stroll

During my visit in Korea, I was able to have a quick stroll around the area we stayed at during the evening!

Some of the attractions you can find:

🌃 Statue of Gangnam Style
📍 524 Bongeunsa-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
➡ You can actually play PSY’s “Gangnam Style” out loud when you push the button at the screen provided here.

🌃 SM Entertainment Artists’ Hand Prints
📍 COEX Artium, Gangnam District, Seoul city
➡ SMTOWN Coex Artium is already closed, but you can still check the hand prints of all their artists at the wall near the building.
➡ COEX Atrium was also seen “Lovestruck In The City” and “Hot Stove League” (both available in Netflix).

🌃 Largest LED media advertising display in Gangnam
📍 Seoul’s Gangnam District
➡ The LED screen would sometimes have 3D digital ads.

Which one would you like to visit if you go to Gangnam, Seoul in South Korea?

Photos by: Gia Allana

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