K-Beauty: Shin Hari’s (Kim Sejeong) Full Skincare Routine In “Business Proposal” + Where To Get The Products

In “Business Proposal”, Shin Hari (Kim Sejeong) is seen using a specific brand of beauty products for her skin, O!GETi’s line-up. Here is her full routine, as seen in the Korean series.

Photo: Business Proposal – Netflix

1.) Vitamin C Glow Serum Mist ($12.00 or around 600 pesos)
Shin Hari was seen using O!GETi’s Vitamin C Glow Serum Mist during work and as part of her morning skincare routine. The product has Jeju Green Tangerine Extract, plus Honey and Propolis. Green Tangerine is said to have 10 times more vitamin C, helping increase collagen production and brightens the skin.


2.) Honey Hydrogel Eye Patch ($11.00 or around 570 pesos)
Shin Hari used O!GETi’s Hydrogel Eye Patch before meeting Kang Tae Moo (Ahn Hyo Seop) for their morning date. The eye patches brightens, moisturizes, and reduces wrinkles.

Hari specifically uses the Honey Hydrogel Eye Patch, which contains Royal Jelly and Honey Extract that works as a moisturizer and helps with skin regeneration. The patch is also available in Black Tea and Cactus options.


3.) Vitamin C Foam Cleanser ($9.80 or around 500 pesos)
This foam cleanser was seen in Shin Hari’s bathroom. The product has hyaluronic acid, which helps in strengthening the skin’s natural barrier. It also removes impurities from deep inside the pores. Plus, has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects that helps with clearing acne and repairing the skin’s outer layer.


4.) Vitamin C Glow Peeling ($9.80 or around 500 pesos)
Also seen as part of Shin Hari’s beauty set, the Vitamin C Glowing Peel has AHA, which helps remove dead skin cells to keep it clean and radiant. It’s a mild and non-irritating exfoliant.


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  1. Do you know which brand face stick was used by a couple of the cast members on cheek frown lines and on neck? in the show

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