ACTRESS TRIVIA: 7 Things About “The Glory” And “The Uncanny Counter 2” Villainess Kim Hieora

Here are some trivia about Kim Hieora, who starred in Netflix’s “The Glory” as Lee Sara and the ongoing series “The Uncanny Counter 2” as Gelly Choi.

1.) Born on March 18, 1989, Kim Hieora is now 34 years old.

2.) Kim Hieora debuted as an actress in the award-winning drama “Beyond Evil” at the age of 32 back in 2021. She then starred in the dramas “Hospital Playlist 2,” “Bad Prosecutor,” “Forecasting Love And Weather,” and “Bad And Crazy.”

3.) She starred in various dramas, then gained attention in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo.” Her rising status solidified in “The Glory” and “The Uncanny Counter 2.”

4.) Kim Hieora is actually artistic and can painr in real life.

5.) She once operated a cafe called R.T Project. She designed the café’s interiors and also personally managed the place.

6.) Her Instagram handle is called @hereare0318, which is a play on her name Hieora.

7.) Kim Hieora has many talents, as she is also a really good singer and model.

“The Uncanny Counter 2” is now streaming via Netflix.

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