“2gether: The Series” Stars Bright And Win To Join The Cast Of “Meteor Garden” Thailand As The Main Leads

“2gether: The Series” actors Bright Vachirawit and Win Metawin will join the cast of “Meteor Garden” Thailand as members of F4, as confirmed by GMMTV.

The official line-up as follows: Bright as Thyme (possibly as Dao Ming Si), Win as Kavin (either Hua Zi Lei or Xi Men), Dew as Ren (either Hua Zi Lei or Xi Men), and Nani as MJ (possibly as Mei Zuo). Bright and Win already worked together in the BL series “2gether,” while Dew and Nani both worked as a model.
The female main lead will be portrayed by Tu Tontawan. Her character’s name is Gorya, the Thailand counterpart of Shan Cai. She is also a k-pop fan. Her bias list includes EXO’s Sehun, Red Velvet’s Irene, and WEi’s Yohan, among others.

Are you excited for “Meteor Garden” Thailand?

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