LIST: 10 Korean Dramas Starring Versatile Actress Park Eun Bin To Watch After “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”

If you’ve watched and loved ENA’s hit series “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” via Netflix, here are more Park Eun Bin dramas to watch to witness her range when it comes to acting.

1.) Woo Young Woo in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”
In the series, Park Eun Bin plays Woo Young Woo—a genius attorney with ASD. The drama is such a delight to watch, that a re-watch would be just as fun as when you’ve watched it for the first time.

2.) Dam-i / Lee Hwi in “The King’s Affection”
In this historical drama, Park Eun Bin portrays Dam-i, a woman who lived her life pretending to be her twin brother, Crown Prince Lee Hwi. The gender-bender series is more than its premise as it combines romance, comedy, and the power struggle between political clans and the royal family.

3.) Chae Song A in “Do You Like Brahms?”
Park Eun Bin plays soft-spoken violinist Chae Song A, who is often thought to be saying “sorry” (the Korean phrase “죄송합니다” sounds like her name) when introducing herself. If you’d like to see Park Eun Bin in a melo-romance type of drama, then this one’s for you.

4.) Lee Se Young in “Hot Stove League”
We get to see Park Eun Bin’s fierce side as the Operations Manager Lee Se Young in “Hot Stove League.” Additionally, this series won Best Drama in the 2020 Baeksang Arts Awards.

5.) Jung Yeo Wool in “The Ghost Detective”
Seems like Park Eun Bin tried pretty much every genre, as the actress also starred in this thriller-horror series.

6.) Lee Jung Joo in “Judge vs. Judge”
Park Eun Bin starred in another law series, but this time as a hot-headed yet upright judge in “Judge vs. Judge.”

7-8.) Song Ji Won in “Hello, My Twenties” Seasons 1 and 2
A drama about friendship and their individual lives. Park Eun Bin really showcased her tomboyish, strange, and cute side in “Hello, My Twenties.”

9.) Oh Dong Hee in “Father, I’ll Take Care Of You”
Yes, Park Eun Bin also starred in a long-series drama (with 50 episodes!)

10.) Da Hee in “Hur Jun, the Original Story”
Park Eun Bin also starred in a non-romcom historical series back in 2013.

Which drama will you watch first?

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