LIST: 9 Zombie + Romance Series, Film, And Webtoons To Watch And Read After “All Of Us Are Dead”

If you’re into both the zombie and romance genres, then this list is for you.

1.) RE-WATCH: All Of Us Are Dead
Hyo San high school’s students are depicted to be living their ordinary daily lives—from worrying about their grades and if their crushes like them back. But their lives, and everyone around them, changed when a Hyo San High School becomes the ground zero for a city-wide zombie outbreak.

2.) Happiness
Two high school friends decide to get married so they can live and own a unit at a high-rise apartment building, as a benefit from their jobs as government workers—Yoon Sae Bom (Han Hyo Joo) is part of the Special Forces Police Squad while Jung Yi Hyun (Park Hyung Sik) is a detective. Problems arise when a zombie outbreak occurs at their new home. Now, Yi Hyun, Sae Bom, and their neighbors must fight for their survival.

In a world where a zombie virus started to spread, humans had to live with the aftermath. Ruby, who lives in the Safe Zone with her father to avoid getting infected, meets Arvan, a man who seems to be infected. He has pale skin and no heartbeat, but seems like an ordinary uninfected human. Together, they form a group to uncover the truth behind Arvan’s existence.

4.) Warm Bodies
R, a zombie, forms a relationship with Julie, a regular human. As they get to know each other, Julie finds out that R is seemingly becoming “warm”, as if he’s turning back into a human.

5.) Boyfriend Of The Dead
N wakes up as a zombie; he lost an eye and is unable to speak coherently. He then meets Alex (a girl he wanted to eat at first) and eventually saved her from a group of zombies. Although, Alex is actually strong enough to save herself, too. The two formed some sort of partnership, which eventually develops into a romantic relationship.

6.) Surviving Romance
Eun Chaerin suddenly becomes the female heroine of her favorite romance novel. But the novel’s setting changed—a zombie outbreak occurs in the novel, changing its genre entirely.

7.) Safe As Houses
Eun Gee wakes up to a zombie outbreak after being in a coma. As she tries to go home, thinking that her siblings are still waiting for her, Eun Gee gets into trouble and eventually gets help from Shuhei—who is actually a half-zombie.

8.) Sankarea: Undying Love
Chihiro Furuya has a keen interest in zombies, to the point of wanting to be romantically involved with one. He then meets Rea Sanka—a girl who is struggling in life—who offered to be his “zombie” girlfriend, though she is still alive. She then unintentionally drank Chihiro Furuya’s zombie resurrection potion to commit suicide, but it instead saved her from dying—when she fell from a cliff, the potion turned her into a zombie. Chihiro ended up taking her in, and a different kind of relationship between them starts.

“Sankarea: Undying Love” combines romantic comedy, fantasy, and horror.

9.) Highschool Of The Dead
The story is another zombie outbreak series featuring high school teens who try to safely outrun zombies.

Plus, here’s a video of Golden Child’s “Burn It” music video, if you need a quick zombie-romance fix.

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