FIRST IMPRESSION REVIEW: “Zombie Detective” Gives A Fresh Take To The Popular Zombie Genre

When talking about zombie films and series, people would instantly link the genre to a premise consisting of an outbreak of the undead whose only goal is to feed on human flesh. Some of the popular examples would be the film “Train To Busan” and the series “Kingdom,” as they both showcase the unending replications of humans turned into zombies, and humanity’s race towards survival. But “Zombie Detective” puts a different spin to this popular genre. In the series, viewers will only focus on one zombie — who doesn’t even want to eat human flesh — and his attempt to survive in the city while disguised as a living person.


Choi Jin Hyuk (from “The Last Empress”) portrays a zombie whose human thoughts are still intact despite losing his memory. However, he can’t seem to walk properly or even talk like a regular person. To survive (as ironic as that sounds) he trained his body to slowly be able to walk and run normally; he even learned how to talk and use chopsticks to eat again. He also eventually assumed a human identity under the name Kim Moo Young, a private detective. His efforts were mostly due to fear of being beaten up by a mob of humans who he thinks would be threatened by his mere existence.

His process is somehow similar to R from the American film “Warm Bodies” and N from the Webtoon “Boyfriend Of The Dead.” However, in “Zombie Detective,” the male main character is the only (or at least that’s what we know so far) zombie in the series. This flips the whole zombie genre, as viewers are often used to watching hordes of zombies going after a small pack of humans — not the other way around.

Kim Moo Young also has real-life problems even as a zombie. But his priorities, for now, are: rent, food, and BB cream (to hide his zombie-like appearance.)


The main female character, Gong Sun Ji, is portrayed by Park Joo Hyun (from “Extracurricular”). Sun Ji is a journalist under the show “N Depth 70 Minutes,” a series that aims to uncover the truth behind cold cases. She eventually meets Kim Moo Young while trying to reveal find the identity of “Santa,” a pedophile. The case also seems to be linked to Kim Moo Young’s past.


Adding to the series’ comedic aspect is its impressive roster of supporting characters and cameo appearances. One of the key characters, Gong Sun Young, is played by Hwang Bora, an actress known for her comedic timing and memorable supporting roles.

Comedienne Tae Hang Ho also joins the cast as the rival detective of Choi Jin Hyuk’s character. The two indirectly worked together before, as they portrayed the same character in “The Last Empress.”

Other cameo appearances include boy group A.C.E, Yoo Jae Suk (“Running Man”), WEi’s Yohan, Song Ga In, Kim Min Kyung, and Lee Jae Eun, among others.


“Zombie Detective,” combines humor and mystery minus the nerve-wracking horror set-up, giving the series a fresh take from the somehow undying zombie genre.

Additionally, although there are some light gory scenes, “Zombie Detective” still mostly leans towards comedy and crime-solving. It also gives the viewers a unique point-of-view from a newly-turned zombie, as he empathized with fictional zombies who are unable to communicate their actual feelings after losing their ability to speak.

In conclusion, “Zombie Detective” showcases a zombie’s perspective as a lone wolf in a town full of people, veering away from the usual hordes of the undead chasing after the living. If you’d like to start your first zombie series without the tension and “gulat” factor, “Zombie Detective” would be your best bet as it’ll provide viewers with more laugh-out-loud worthy scenes rather than panicked screams.

The series is available via Viu Philippines.

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