REVIEW: “Pure Villain”, A Complicated Love Story Between A Hero And A “Villain” — Webtoon

In a world where having super powers is a normal occurrence—Park Rosa, an ordinary 18-year-old girl who got rejected by the guy she likes—wished for the world to “collapse” due to embarrassment. But, as they say: “be careful what you wished for.” While Park Rosa was still in despair, the building she was in crumbled. At that exact moment, Special Police Officer Han Do Ryeong saved her from falling—only for her to fall for him.

Two years later, Park Rosa decided to finally meet Han Do Ryeong to confess her feelings—equipped with protective gear (to shield her from dangerous situations due to the nature of his job). The difference, however, is that Park Rosa now also has special abilities—a late bloomer. Unable to control her strength, the 20-year-old created a huge misunderstanding as Do Ryeong and his squad thought she was after his life instead.

The story becomes even more complicated when Park Rosa gets labelled as a top tier villain who is after the Special Police Squad’s best hero, Han Do Ryeong. How will she clear up the misunderstandings and finally confess how she truly feels?

“Pure Villain” is, as the title suggests, pure—unlike the initial premise of a villain who falls in love with the hero, and vice-versa. The plot grows more from the piles and piles of misunderstandings (no) thanks to miscommunication between the characters. But, rather than leaving the readers feeling frustrated, the story makes use of comedy and light romance that’ll make readers cheer on the leads without stressing on their situation.

It’s a fun and wholesome read, specially if you’re looking for a good laugh.

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