DEOPROCE’s Brand Ambassador Song Kang Shares The Most Important Part Of His Skin Care Routine; Wants To Visit Boracay And Tried Filipino

Actor Song Kang was in Manila for his fan meeting with the beauty brand DEOPROCE last March 5. Hours before his fan meeting, the actor held a press conference with members of the media.

During his Q&A interview, the actor mentioned that he went out to get Jollibee and tried Filipino homestyle cooking such as halo-halo, kare-kare, and bulalo. He also shared how he would like to visit Boracay, and that he loves the weather in Manila.

Song Kang also surprised the press with his random Tagalog phrases such as “Salamat po,” “mahal kita,” and “bongga.”

Song Kang—known for his dramas such as “Nevertheless,” “Love Alarm,” and “Sweet Home”—is also dubbed as “the son of Netflix.” He stated that he is very thankful to Netflix as they were with him since the beginning of his career.

Additionally, endorsing a beauty brand, Song Kang firmly mentioned that “cleansing” is the most important part of his routine. He also makes sure to bring and apply lip balm as often as possible.

Special thanks to: Wilbros Live

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