QUICK EPISODE RECAP: “Happiness” Episodes 12 Highlights — Finale

Here’s what happened in the final episode of Han Hyo Joo and Park Hyung Sik’s “Happiness.”

1.) Seo Yoon
Seo Yoon and Sae Bom safely arrived at the facility. Seo Yoon finds out about her mother being infected.

2.) Sae Bom’s Escape
Sae Bom strikes a deal with Han Tae Seok to help her escape from the facility, as the higher-ups are planning on taking Sae Bom away due to her antibodies. Han Tae Seok uses one dose of Sae Bom’s plasma to save his wife, Sae Bom fled with another to save Yi Hyun.

However, despite her antibodies count dropping, Sae Bom ultimately decided to save Seo Yoon’s mother, hence, putting her in danger of being found. Lee Ji Soo then helped Sae Bom get out of the facility safely.

3.) Representative
Oh Yeon Ok was the first person Yi Hyun saw after he bit Andrew. She was later revealed to have tried to kill Andrew.

4.) Yi Hyun Bit Andrew
After biting Andrew, Yi Hyun goes back to their unit and was later discovered by the Na siblings. After gaining consciousness, the three went around the apartment to check everyone’s status.

5.) Family
Yi Hyun finds Dong Hyun and decides to bring him back to his family, stating that being with his loved ones would prolong his normal state.

5.) Cryptocurrency And Regrets
Kook Hae Sung tried to apologize to his wife, Shin So Yoon, but she told him to no longer contact him. Although he said that he regretted his decision, he still decided to let Woo Sang Hee in his apartment. The two tried to steal Oh Joo Hyeong’s cryptocurrency, but the stocks went down.

6.) Yi Hyun And Sae Bom
Sae Bom finds Yi Hyun in a bad state, but confessed to him and told him that he will stay by his side. The two shared a kiss, confirming their feelings for each other.

7.) Antibodies
Han Tae Seok confirms that Na Soo Min indeed has antibodies.

8.) Andrew’s Back
As Andrew’s body wasn’t found, he appears again a few minutes before the series ends. Gun fired from both Andrew and Sae Bom’s end.

9.) After The Lockdown
After the lockdown, Oh Joo Hyeong and Oh Yeon Ok were seen in trial for their crimes. Then the audience gets a glimpse of Lee Seung Young, who is still in the facility.

10.) Happy Ending
The series ended with a happy ending, a nod to its title, for most the main characters. The lockdown stop, the cure for the mad person disease seems to have worked, and Sae Bom and Yi Hyun lived happily ever after.

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