“XO, Kitty” Stars Kim Gia And Lee Sang Heon Reveal That They’re Siblings In Real Life

Netflix’s “XO, Kitty” stars Kim Gia and Lee Sang Heon (who played Yuri and Minho, respectively) are siblings in real life and the cast didn’t know until they started filming. They also auditioned separately, so even the film makers didn’t know at first since they have different surnames.

In a group interview going viral on TikTok, Kim Gia stated how she grew in Korea like co-stars Choi Min Young and Lee Sang Heon. She then pointed to Lee Sang Heon, “That’s not a coincidence, we are siblings,” to which Sang Heon confirmed by stating, “We are siblings.”

Teen Vogue also recounted stories of how the cast found out the “truth.”

UPDATE: The two also recently officially confirmed via Netflix.

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