My name is Gia Allana, and I’m a concert photographer and entertainment writer who likes to watch live music shows, Korean dramas, and have impromptu food trips. This blog contains photos from the events I’ve attended, random k-write-ups, and everything in between.

I’ve been covering events since 2012. As a writer, I specialize in (but not limited to) writing features, listicles, reviews, and entertainment news. As a photographer, I mostly cover events, mainly concerts. And although I usually post about Korean-related updates via this page, I would also sometimes cover other international concerts, and was a former local showbiz and lifestyle writer.

As for my past full-time jobs, I worked as Marketing Associate for TicketWorld, a Staff Writer for Summit Media, and a Content Producer for GMA Network.

I worked in the corporate world for around 5-6 accumulated years, although I did try freelancing for a few months before transitioning from my last job to my next one. As a freelancer, I also contributed for other entertainment-centered media outlets and for a few Korean concert organizers.

Fast forward to 2018, I then founded my own events website – Headliner Manila. HM currently houses some active contributing writers, photographers, social media managers, and graphic artists.

After leaving the corporate world last year, 2019, I then started to take only work-from-home roles and freelancing gigs. I worked as a writer, official photographer for a few concerts, and a PR consultant for a few events.

This 2020, I plan to focus on personal projects, freelance and project-based work, writing jobs, photography as a hobby, and various collaborations. After 8 years of working in the industry, I now intend to prioritize projects that are closer to my heart. Hence, I recently re-opened this blog, giaallana.com.

Aside from my blog, here are my other social media accounts:
• New YouTube Account: youtube.com/giallana
• Old YouTube Account: youtube.com/giaallanasoriano


For collaborations and inquiries please email gia.allana@yahoo.com.