Korean Drama Filming Location: Geumga Plaza Building in Song Joong Ki’s “Vincenzo”

Geumga Plaza, the building which starts the main conflict in the first few episode of Song Joong Ki’s “Vincenzo” — Atty. Hong and the tenants want to keep it, Babel Group wants to demolish it, Vincenzo wants to obtain it and eventually destroy it in a way where nobody gets hurt — is located in Jung-gu, Seoul.

The building is actually via Sewoon Plaza (which appeared in “When My Love Blooms”) and Cheonggye Plaza (which was the rooftop where Jugyeong and Suho met in “True Beauty).

Almost identical to Geumga Plaza, the building also has stores located at the first few floors, while the upper floors double as apartments. Through a redevelopment project, the location also became a popular spot for both tourists and residents alike.

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