Meet The Penthouse 2 Kids: Get To Know The Actors And Actress Who Played The Children From The Hera Place

If you’re curious about “The Penthouse” season 1 and 2 children, here are some tidbits about them.

1.) Kim Young Dae (as Joo Seok Hoon)
Kim Young Dae Born on March 2, 1996, and is currently 25 years old. He debuted as a Korean drama actor in 2019 via “Kingdom” actor Ju Ji Hoon’s series “Item.” He appeared in three more dramas that year, namely “Welcome To Waikiki 2,” “Extraordinary You,” and “When The Weather Is Fine.” He also starred in three more dramas the following year, in 2020, most notably in “Penthouse” season one and “Cheat On Me If You Can,” plus his cameo appearance in “True Beauty.”

2.) Kim Hyun Soo (as Bae Ro Na)
Currently 21 years old, the actress debuted as a child actress in the 2011 drama “Tree With Deep Roots” as the younger counterpart of Shin Se Kyung’s character So Yi. She also starred as the younger counter part of Jun Ji Hyun’s Cheon Song Yi in “My Love From The Star.” Additionally, Kim Hyun Soo once again worked with Shin Se Kyung in “Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung.” The actress also starred in several Korean dramas before “The Penthouse.”

3.) Choi Ye Bin (as Ha Eun Byeol)
“The Penthouse” is actually 23-year-old actress Choi Ye Bin’s debut drama. She’s under J WIDE-COMPANY, the same agency as Kim So Yeon, who plays her mom in the drama, Cheon Seo Jin.

4.) Jin Ji Hee (as Yoo Je Ni / Jenny)
Jin Ji Hee started acting at the age of 4. She debuted in the 2003 drama “Yellow Handkerchief,” and eventually appeared in various Korean dramas including “The Moon Embracing The Son,” “Fight For My Way,” and “100 Days My Prince.” ,” among many others.

5.) Han Ji Hyun (as Joo Seok Kyung)
24-year-old Han Ji Hyun debuted in 2019 in the drama “The Wind Blows.”

6.) Lee Tae Vin (as Lee Min Hyuk)
Lee Tae Vin (birthname Lee Se Woong) is from the k-pop group “MYTEEN.” He is also 25 years old. Aside from “Penthouse,” he also appeared in the drama “365: Repeat The Year” and “Rich Man.”

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