QUICK EPISODE RECAP: “One Ordinary Day” Episodes 3-4 Highlights — Evidence, Identity Revealed, And Hyun Soo’s In Prison

Here’s what happened in the 3rd episode of Kim Soo Hyun and Cha Seung Won’s series, “One Ordinary Day.”

1.) A New Character Appears
Do Ji Tae, a prisoner who is in control of exchanging “goods” in prison, appears in episode 3.

2.) Kim Hyun Soo’s In Prison
Kim Hyun Soo’s life in prison begins. He becomes prisoner #7927, and is cellmates with an older man and another man with panic disorder.

Life becomes difficult for Hyun Soo after the prosecutor in-charge revealed his identity on live TV. Prisoners, with the help of one of the guards, started “hazing” Hyun Soo by tying a rope around his neck in an attempt to strangle him.

3.) Lawyers
Lawyer Shin Joong Han tells Hyun Soo’s the harsh reality Hyun Soo might face if they don’t find a way to prove his innocence. He offers his services, going as “low” as 50,000 dollars, but Hyun Soo’s parents decided to go with a Pro Bono Lawyer from a well-known law firm. Shin Joong Han accuses the firm of stealing his client.

Captain Park Sang Beom then finds a possible evidence to prove Hyun Soo “guilty,” which confuses Shin Joong Han.

4.) Struggles
Do Ji Tae offers to help Hyun Soo, in case he needed him while he’s in prison—but for a price. At the end of the episode, Hyun Soo’s cellmate—who often gets beaten by other prisoners—was seen hanged above him, which caused Hyun Soo to panic. Once they’re outside, anxiety made him run for a prison breakout. The officers caught him, started beating him, and ended with Hyun Soo still being in a state of shock and panic.

The prosecution asked Hyun Soo to take a lie detector test, he obliged but Lawyer Shin helped him to be able to stop midway, as those with respiratory issues are not fit to take the test. Lawyer Shin also found out about Hong Guk Hwa taking Fentanyl, and was able to make a deal in selling the sheets with Hyun Soo’s lawyer. Towards the end, Hyun Soo was asked once again if he killed Hong Guk Hwa; he said he didn’t despite his lawyer striking a deal of a lenient sentence if he says he did.

“One Ordinary Day” is available with English subtitles and Tagalog dub on viu.com.

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