INTERVIEW: Disney+’s “Vigilante” Promises To Be Both Entertaining And Thought-Provoking

During the press conference of “Vigilante,” the cast—Yoo Ji Tae, Lee Jun Hyuk, and Kim So Jin—and Director Choi Jeong Yeol talked about what viewers should expect in the new Disney+ crime-thriller series.

Photo Courtesy of: Disney+

The director stared, “I want it to be entertaining,” but also added that he hopes that through the series people will be able to have thoughts such as “if vigilante’s work is right or wrong,” or “if there’s a way for legal justice to not have loopholes.” He emphasized how he wants viewers to have their own conclusion whether the justice system is enough or not.

The director also shared that the Webtoon currently has 370 million views, and actress Kim So Jin added that the live-action adaptation will have “new charms and some difference in the Webtoon.” Hence, appealing to both readers and non-readers. Viewers should also expect “cliffhangers in the finales of each episode,” as said by the director. He then described each episode as: “tensed, thrilling, and speedy.”

Led by Nam Joo Hyuk, the actor, who couldn’t attend the press conference, received compliments from the director and his co-actors. Yoo Ji Tae also mentioned the cast and production team’s effort to make the series come to life, “We worked on “Vigilante” for one whole year.”

The director ended the press conference stating, “The series is full of intense and strong characters. You’re going to see some new sides of these actors through “Vigilante.”

“Vigilante” is streaming on Disney+ this November 8.

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