Netflix’s “Doona!” Lead Stars Bae Suzy And Yang Se Jong Talk About Their Off-Screen Chemistry

In the recently released Netflix Korean series “Doona!,” Bae Suzy portrayed “retired” K-pop girl group member Doona, while Yang Se Jong played engineering student Won Jun. In the drama, the two met as housemates in a share house and eventually start a complicated relationship.

Photo Courtesy of: Netflix

️Yang Se Jong talked about how Won Jun must have felt the first time he Suzy as the character Doona. He said, “There are many moments when his heart fluttered. [I think] his heart was already fluttering the moment he first saw him.”

Photo Courtesy of: Netflix

Yang Se Jong also discussed his chemistry with the actress. He shared, “We would know what each other is thinking by looking at each other,” emphasizing on how good their chemistry with each other was.

Photo Courtesy of: Netflix

Suzy also playfully recalled, “I also tried to mess with Se Jong in real life, too,” explaining that she had “fun messing with him” whether on-screen or off-screen.

“Doona!” is now streaming on Netflix.

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