ACTOR TRIVIA: 25 Things About Seo In Guk (who plays Nam Han Jun in Netflix’s “Café Minamdang”)

Here are some trivia about Seo In Guk who plays ex-detective turned fake shaman Nam Han Jun in Netflix’s “Café Minamdang.”

1.) Born on October 23, 1987, Seo In Guk is turning 35 this year.
2.) He was born in Ulsan, where he stayed with his parents.
3.) Seo In Guk has a younger sister named Seo Bo Ram.
4.) Grewing up, Seo In Guk’s family encountered financial difficulties.
5.) Seo In Guk was exempted from South Korea’s mandatory military duty after being diagnosed with Osteochondritis Dissecans, a joint condition affecting one’s bones and cartilage.

6.) Seo In Guk studied Applied Music at Daebul University.
7.) In 2009, Seo In Guk won in the first season MNET’s singing competition “Superstar K.”
8.) He won the Male Newcomer Of The Year in the 2009 Cyworld Digital Music Awards for the track “Calling.”
9.) In the following year, 2010, he was nominated for the Best New Male Artist at the MNET Asian Music Awards.
10.) His hit songs include “Shake It Up,” “Tease Me,” “Broken,” “I Can’t Live Because Of You” (featuring Verbal Jint), “Bebe,” and “Better Together,” among many others.
11.) He sang OSTs for the Korean dramas “Love Rain,” “Reply 1997,” “Master’s Sun,” “High School King of Savvy,” “Tomorrow With You,” The Smile Has Left Your Eyes,” and “Doom At Your Service,” among many others.
12.) His albums included “Love&Love,” “Last Song,” and “Everlasting.”
13.) Seo In Guk also had several songs written by him and has collaborated with various artists.
14.) He won New Artist Awards at the Japan Gold Disc Awards.

15.) Seo In Guk debuted as an actor in the 2012 series “Love Rain,” starring alongside Jang Geun Suk and SNSD’s Yoona.
16.) He starred as the lead actor in “Reply 1997,” “High School King of Savvy,” “The King’s Face,” “Hello Monster,” “Some Kind of Goodbye,” “Shopaholic Louis,” “Shopaholic Louis,” “Doom At Your Service,” and, most recently, “Cafe Minamdang.”

17.) He was also in the dramas “The Sons,” “Master’s Sun,” and “Squad 38.”
18.) His cameo appearances included the series “Reply 1994,” “She Was Pretty,” “Oh My Ghost,” “Abyss,” “Navillera,” and “Soundtrack 1.”
19.) Seo In Guk debuted on the big screen via “No Breathing, and later on also starred in “Wild Dog,” Pipeline,” and his latest upcoming film “Project Wolf Hunting.”
20.) Seo In Guk won the New Star Award for his role in “Master’s Sun” in 2013.

21.) His first Best New Actor award was for “The King’s Face.”
22.) Seo In Guk won the Best Kiss Award for his “Reply 1997” scene with APINK’s Eunji.

23.) He was also awarded the Excellent Actor for a Mini Series award for “Shopaholic Louis.”

24.) Seo In Guk learned ssireum wrestling, boxing, and mixed martial arts. He is ranked Hapkido 2nd Dan.

25.) In an interview, Seo In Guk said that he finds his role as Nam Han Joon amusing due to his clumsiness and humane characteristics as he’s not a real shaman. He said, “I studied a lot to perfectly embody his bewitching speech, but I also tried to show his friendliness from time to time.”

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