ACTRESS TRIVIA: 10 Things About “The Sound Of Magic” Actress Choi Sung Eun (who plays Yoon Ah Yi) + Her Instagram Account

Here are some trivia about Choi Sung Eun, who plays Yoon Ah Yi in “The Sound Of Magic.”

1.) She was born on June 17, 1996. She is turning 26 years old this year.
2.) The actress debutedin the 2019 film “Start-up,” which stars Ma Dong Seok, Park Jung Min, and Jung Hae In.
3.) Choi Sung Eun won the Best New Actress award for “Start-up” at the Chunsa Film Art Awards.
4.) She once again gained recognition for her acting in the award-winning drama “Beyond Evil.”

5.) She was in the films “Ten Months” and “Gentleman.”
6.) She has studied theater arts, and can sing really well—as seen in her performance in Netflix’s “The Sound Of Magic.”
7.) The actress also starred in the Korean anthologyseries “SF8.”
8.) She is under Ace Factory—which houses “Itaewon Class” actress Lee Joo Young.

9.) Her thoughts on “The Sound Of Magic,” as said during their press conference: “I found myself comforted by that story at a personal level. So the more I read it, I felt these nudges in my heart at certain points through certain lines, and it was so comforting. I think that’s how I’m going to always remember The Sound of Magic.”
10.) The actress read the original Webtoon. She said, “I read the original webtoon series, and the story itself, in a way, is very beautiful and very relatable, so I really liked the story itself. And then, the visuals of the Webtoon series, I really loved it as well. I was really curious about how this was going to be expressed in a live-action series.”

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