Shin Hye Sun And Ahn Bo Hyun Are In Talks To Star As Leads In The Korean Drama Adaptation Of The Webtoon “See You In My 19th Life”

UPDATE: Ha Yoon Kyung (from “Extraordinary Attorney Woo) will reportedly star as Shin Hye Sun’s character’s younger sister in her past life.

UPDATE: Shin Hye Sun is confirmed to star in the series and is already filming.

Ahn Bo Hyun and Shin Hye Sun are in talks for the Korean drama adaptation of the Webtoon “See You In My 19th Life.” The series is about a woman who is reincarnated for the 19th time, and vows to meet the same guy she fell in love with from her previous life.

Shin Hye Sun is offered to portray Ban Ji Eum, the identity of the female lead’s 19th life. She was previously an heir in her 18th life, but was reborn as a girl from a financially struggling family in her 19th life. Still, with her exceptional talent and intelligence, she landed a high-ranking job at a big corporation—whose heir is the man she loved in her previous life, Moon Seo Ha (role offered to Ahn Bo Hyun).

If confirmed, this will be Shin Hye Sun’s first drama after last year’s “Mr. Queen.” Ahn Bo Hyun is also currently starring in “Military Prosecutor Doberman.”

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