QUICK RECAP AND REVIEW: “Twenty Five Twenty One” Episode 5-6—Winning And Losing

Here’s a quick episode recap of episodes 5-6 of Netflix’s “Twenty Five Twenty One”, starring Kim Tae Ri as Na Hee Do and Nam Joo Hyuk as Baek Yi Jin.

Episode five opened with Hee Do and Yi Jin saying their goodbyes in front of Hee Do’s house. Yi Jin told her to remember the words that he said struck her the most. Cut back to the present time, Kim Min Chae thought about how she sees her mom—almost perfect and good at everything—but has never thought of how she got to where she is. She then realized her mom’s struggles growing up, and now sees her in a different life.

Rewind to 1998, Na Hee Do competes for a place in Korea’s national team. She dedicated her win to Baek Yi Jin and her coach, Yang Chan Mi. Hee Do, who was excited to go back home to tell Yi Jin the news, becomes distraught when she found that Yi Jin moved once again due to their family’s financial troubles.

Now apart, Yi Jin started selling fish to make a living, while Hee Do won 3rd place in the National Fencing Competition. They became each other’s source of strength and support through their words.


“Twenty Five Twenty One” is proving to be one of those relatable dramas that’s both entertaining and heartwarming. The series is not yet zooming in on a possible love story, but is focusing on Yi Jin and Hee Do’s character development—and how they became a part of each other’s growth as a person. It’s not yet a love story, but a story of two people supporting each other.

The series also zooms in the life of Hee Do in the eyes of her daughter, Kim Min Chae. One of the reasons this series is worth watching is how they showcase Hee Do’s backstory—since sometimes people often only see a person for who they are now, and not how they got there. It gives a strong message of how we should never judge someone easily, because we don’t know their past and present struggles.


Baek Yi Jin and Na Hee Do finally met again. (And she even got a copy of “Full House” volume 12.) Hee Do finds out that he now works as a trainee reporter, and eventually invites him to eat with her, only for him to find out that Hee Do now has a boyfriend.

During the competition, Na Hee Do makes it to the finales alongside Koo Yu Rim. However, she loses her sword after her bag got switched to a Japanese fencing representative. She quickly went to the train station to get their swords exchanged, but she got stuck inside the train due to technical problems. Yi Jin learned about her situation, and eventually helped her make it in time for the finals.

The episode ended with Hee Do and Yu Rim preparing for their final bout.


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