ACTRESS TRIVIA: 10 Things You Might Want To Know About Son Ye Jin — As Answered By The Actress

IIf you love “Crash Landing On You” stars Son Ye Jin, here are 10 facts and trivia about her — from beauty secrets, behind-the-scenes tidbits, her workout routine, and many more — all of which she personally answered during an interview at her Smart Hallyu Hangouts event.

1.) Her next project is the upcoming JTBC drama “Thirty Nine.”
Son Ye Jin said, “Starting next month, I’ll be working on 30-nice. It’s about 39-year-old women and the love and friendship between them. It’s going to be a very down-to-earth story but one that also has depth and humor as well.”

2.) She hardly searches for her name on portal sites.
She explained, “When I’m working maybe I will look, when there’s a new show out or something, I’ll check out what they’re saying. But when I’m resting like I am now, I would go for an entire week sometimes without checking online. When I’m resting, I’m really resting, I’m committed to that. Sometimes when I would post on social media, there would be someone that talks about that but when I’m not working, I really not checking anything.”

3.) Beauty Secrets
Son Ye Jin has really pretty skin and healthy hair. Her beauty secret? “I like to indulge in hair treatments although I do think that you kind of have to be born with it. I’m not innately born with good skin so I actually put in a lot of effort so that I have good skin.”

4.) Workout Routine
“I’ve been doing Pilates for 10 years. I’m very athletic and good at sports. I’m not very good at golf yet, my swing in the YT video maybe looked good but when it comes to the actual game, I wouldn’t say that I’m a professional, more of a beginner. I actually played a role of a caddie one time and I was learning how to play golf but I’m just not very good at it.”

5.) Son Ye Jin’s Fashion Sense
She may be all dolled-up most of the time, but the actress likes comfy clothes when she’s not filming. She said, “I’m really more casual in real life, I like to keep it feminine. I like dresses, but I also like wearing T-shirts and shorts. My favorite outfit is actually a white shirt and jeans.”

6.) Her Dumpling Recipe!
She made dumplings for the first time, and it turned out to be a huge success. Her recipe? “I made a very healthy version. I put tofu, chives, kimchi—it was really just all vegetables.”

7.) Son Ye Jin’s Next Movie Role
She answered, “Renee Zellweger’s role in the movie “Judy” because I saw how the character’s experience, her life and all of those things were kind of acted out in her face. I want to get a point when as I age, my wrinkles can show how my experiences have been like and use those things to express a character.”

8.) Is She Multi-Lingual?
She spoke English, Chinese, and Japanese in her Korean films and dramas. However, she revealed that she doesn’t really speak these languages. She explained, “I don’t actually speak them but I practice very hard to get the pronunciation correct. I’ve been trying to learn English for 15 years now because as a celebrity, I need to travel outside of the country sometimes and speak English. But then once I start working on a project and I don’t get to use the language anymore, I’ll forget so I feel like for 15 years, I’ve kind of been in the same spot. But for this Smart commercial, I really wanted to get it right so I practiced very hard and made sure that I did the English dubbing myself.”

9.) Did She Actually Drink Alcohol In “Crash Landing On You”?
She gushed, “Yes, it’s real beer and soju. I drink them all, I think it actually helps me when I need to do these drunk scenes because in real life I don’t drink very well. So I’ll have one drink and I’ll get red, and the audience would see this and think, oh she actually is drunk! So this really helps me in my drunk scenes. She then added, [When I drink] I get really hyper. But because I don’t drink that much, it doesn’t get retained for very long because I’d eventually want to go to bed.”

10.) Favorites
Her favorite color is Light Indian Pink, and she likes late spring to early summer “because around this time, you can feel a breeze and it’s very fragrant.”

Son Ye Jin’s Smart Commercial Experience
In her interview, Smart endorser Son Ye Jin also talked about what happened behind-the-scenes during her commercial for Smart. She expounded, “There were very long hours and we were on location. It took all morning and all night to shoot. And we were also remotely shooting with the Philippine team. It was kind of like a strange situation but also very fascinating, and to be virtually communicating with the team in the Philippines was a very different experience. But I was very honored to have shot this commercial for Smart and I’m very happy to be working with Smart right now.”

Message For Her Pinoy Fans
“I hear through the messages and gifts that Filipinos send me that they’re very thankful for helping them get through this difficult time. But I haven’t done anything, all I did was my job. I’m so moved that people from far away, across oceans, feel this way about what I’ve done and I feel very thankful. It almost feels a little odd sometimes but overall I’m just very moved whenever I hear things like this. I thank all of you and I look forward to meeting you all in the Philippines. Our language and culture are different but despite this I can feel all the love. It’s almost like I don’t know if I deserve this overwhelming love. I am thankful, moved, and motivated because when I hear how I’ve helped get you through difficult times, it makes me want to work on the next project. Acting can be very hard, it’s not an easy job although I enjoy it very much, but when I hear things like these from fans, I want to put out more good work which will please them. I’m very happy that I’m able to do that for all of you.”

After Son Ye Jin, her “Crash Landing On You” leading man Hyunbin will also have his own Smart Hallyu Hangout event this July 31, 6PM.

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