K-BEAUTY REVIEW: Kahi’s Wrinkle Bounce Moisturizing Balm Stick (as seen in “The King Eternal Monarch” and “Yumi’s Cells” + Where To Buy

Remember the multi-purpose stick Kim Go Eun (as Jeong Tae Eul) and Kang Hong Suk (as Jang Mi) were using in an episode of “The King: Eternal Monarch”? It was also featured in Kim Go Eun’s latest drama “Yumi’s Cells,” and other dramas such as “Dalri And The Cocky Prince.”

The product they applied was Kahi’s “Wrinkle Bounce Moisturizing Stick,” which can be used as a setting balm for your makeup to last longer and doubles as a lip balm. It also has “anti-wrinkle” properties that help moisturize your skin and lips, and even has added skin whitening effect to give you that fresh and dewy look.

Additionally, the easy-to-use and portable stick is infused with Jeju Origin Oil which is said to soften and revitalize your skin, preventing premature aging and also giving you a natural-looking glow. It can also be used on your collarbones, shoulders, and for moisturizing the tips of your hair.

The product is priced between 1,300 pesos – 1,700 pesos in the Philippines.

Photo by: Gia Allana

Tried the product for two weeks. So far, it really does provide an instant glow and moisture on your skin and lips as soon as you apply it. It can be used over makeup, but would prefer to use it before sleeping or throughout the day (without makeup). This is because, although it’s hydrating, it can feel a bit heavy when applied. Still, props for its “healing effect,” as my dry and chapped lips improved in terms of moisture in two weeks. Plus, it’s pretty fun to use.

P.S. Product has fragrance.

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