ACTOR TRIVIA: 7 Things About “Ghost Doctor” Actor Tan (who plays One Of The Coma Ghosts, Choi Hoon Gil)

Here are some fun trivia about Tan, who plays the coma ghost who wants to be an actor, Choi Hoon Gil, in “Ghost Doctor.”

1.) His stage name is Tan, and his full name is Choi Seok Won.

2.) His birthday is on August 25, 1996. He is now 25 years old.

3.) He is under Rain’s Rain Company, and is part of the K-pop group Ciipher as the lead vocalist.

4.) He already completed his mandatory military service. He even carries his discharge ID certificate inside his wallet.

5.) He was once part of the 2014 MNET reality survival program, NO.MERCY, created by Starship Entertainment. The show formed MONSTA X; Tan fought for a place in the group until the 10th episode.

6.) He doesn’t put his phone in his pockets, but often carries his phone inside his bag.

7.) He has a special keychain—a bear with wings in his bag, which he calls the cupid of love.

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