“Ghost Doctor”—5 Reasons Why The Drama Deserves A Second Season (+ Watch Episode 16)

*article contains ending spoilers, and is meant for those who already completed the series

“Ghost Doctor”—starring Rain as Cha Young Min, Kim Bum as Ko Seung Tak, UEE as Jang Se Ji, and Son Na Eun as Oh Soo Jung—recently ended. Here are 5 reasons why the drama needs a second season.

Poster: “Ghost Doctor” via tvN

1.) Crystal, Seung Tak, and Sun Ho love triangle?
Crystal (Soo Jung) confessed to Seung Tak, but the latter still didn’t give her an answer. (Though we know that he likes her, too!) It would be nice to see them get together, but it would also be entertaining to watch Seung Tak’s reaction to Sun Ho “taking good care” of Crystal—now that she’s part of Sun Ho’s department.

2.) Seung Tak’s as a doctor with miracle hands?
Seung Tak is already a genius to begin with. With Young Min as his “sabu”, the drama tackling on whether he’ll become a skillful doctor (or not—to make it unpredictable) would be an interesting plotline.

3.) Young Min and Se Jin’s reconciliation
Since Young Min remembers what he went through during his time as a coma ghost, what would happen to his relationship with Se Jin now that he’s awake and recovering? Will they get married? Or will Han Seung Won and Jang Min Ho get in their way?

4.) Hwang Guk Chan’s possible recovery (because he deserves better)
Despite the series pertaining that Hwang Guk Chan may not recover, it would be nice to see him wake up like Hoon Gil and Bomi. He’s such a good person, and “Ghost Doctor” has been doing miracle surgeries anyway. Why not give him a miracle, too?

5.) Hoon Gil and Bomi’s romantic story
Bomi woke up and found herself attracted to Hoon Gil’s visuals. Hoon Gil had feelings for Bomi when he was still a coma ghost. Now that they’re both awake, a side story about them can be a cute plot. Plus, their backgrounds are interesting—Bomi with her mom who only cares about her PhD, and Hoon Gil with her parents who only care about the upcoming elections.

“Ghost Doctor” is available via Viu Philippines and iQIYI Philippines.

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