Will “The Red Sleeve” Stars Lee Junho and Lee Se Young Star In A Modern-Day Reincarnation Drama?

In an interview with Sports Chosun reporter Ji Yeon Moon, Lee Junho (who portrayed Yi San, then King Jeongjo of Joseon in “The Red Sleeve”) talked about the possibility of working again with Lee Se Young (who portrayed his love interest Sung Deok Im, then Royal Noble Consort Uibin Seong) in a modern-day reincarnation drama.

The Red Sleeve – MBC

He said, “Reincarnation Romance is something that can’t be achieved without much thought. But, personally, I think such an opportunity might arise after some time, when “The Red Sleeve” lingered long enough,” hence stating his willingness to pursue a reincarnation-themed series.

The actor also added how easy it was to work with his co-star, Lee Se Young, stating that he was “very comfortable” acting alongside the “lovable and easygoing” actress.


Would you want a reincarnation drama starring the two?

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