BINGE-WATCH LIST: 5 Korean Dramas And Films About “The Red Sleeve” Yi San And Sung Deok Im (+ King Yeonjo And Crown Prince Sado)

If you’re looking for historical dramas about Yi San (portrayed by Lee Junho in “The Red Sleeve”) and Sung Deok Im (portrayed by Lee Se Young in “The Red Sleeve”)—plus, other key characters such as Yi San’s grandfather King Yeonjo (Lee Deok Hwa) and Yi San’s father Crown Prince Sado—here are five dramas and films with them in the spotlight that you might want to watch.

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1.) Lee San, Wind of the Palace
Directed by Lee Byung Hoon, the director of “Jewel In The Palace,” “Lee San, Wind Of The Palace” is another sageuk with over 70 episodes. The series zooms in the dramatized life of Crown Prince Lee San (portrayed by Lee Seo Jin and Park Ji Bin), who would later assume the throne as King Jeongjo of Joseon. The series also shows his relationship with Royal Noble Consort Ui-bin (portrayed by Han Ji Min and Lee Hanna).


2.) Eight Days Mystery of Jeong Jo Assassination

3.) The Fatal Encounter
The film centers on the plotted assassination of King Jeongjo (portrayed by Hyunbin), showcasing key characters such as Hong Guk Yeong, one of the king’s “most trusted advisors and close confidantes.”

“The Fatal Encounter” also marks Hyunbin’s first period drama and his first project after his discharge from his mandatory military service.


4.) Secret Door
As the story of Crown Prince Sado (Lee Je Hoon) received split opinions from historians—with others saying he committed heinous crimes, while some are saying he was framed, and others stating that he wasn’t evil by nature but slowly slipped into madness due to his father King Yeongjo (Han Suk Kyu)—the series leaned more on how the Crown Prince was assumed to have been framed. Yi San also makes his appearance in the drama as the Grand Heir turned Crown Prince, then took the throne as King Jeongjo.

The 24-episode series also had another key character from history, the young adult life of his wife Lady Hyegyeong (Park Eun Bin), and a ficitional character, Seo Ji Dam (Kim Yoo Jung, then Yoon So Hee).

5.) The Throne
Award-winning film “The Throne” (2015) tackled the life and 8-day execution of Yi San’s father, Crown Prince Sado (portrayed by Yoo Ah In). The film focused on the strained father-and-son relationship between King Yeongjo and the Crown Prince. Although it only dipped on their contradicting political views, a lot of the actual historical events—as reportedly told by his wife, Lady Hyegyeong—were squeezed in the 2-hour film. Aside from centering on the history between Yi San’s grandfather and father, “The Throne” also showcased Yi San’s childhood until he ascended the throne as King Jeongjo (So Ji Sub).

Which one will you be watching first?

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