QUICK EPISODE RECAP: “Happiness” Episodes 9-10 Highlights — Who Got Infected, The Beginning Of The Cure?

Here’s what happened in the 9th episode of Park Hyung Sik and Han Hyo Joo’s series, “Happiness.”

1.) Running Out Of Patience
As the residents begin to doubt Sae Bom after seeing the scratch on her hand, Sae Bom started to lose her patience. She expressed her disappointment to Detective Kim Jung Kook, who initially pointed a gun at her. However, after the confrontation, the detective finally took Sae Bom’s side and tried to explain her situation to the residents.

2.) The Infected
Sae Bom told the residents that there’s a way to find out who’s infected. She tried to slash her palm, but Yi Hyun took the knife away from her and slashed his palm instead. Cashier Lee Bo Ram, from the Supermarket, was revealed to be infected after seeing Yi Hyun’s blood.

3.) The Cure?
According to Lee Ji Soo, Chairman Choi Seok Ju’s condition got worse and only has 5 minutes left before his sanity completely disappears. She also informed Han Tae Seok that an antibody is confirmed to have been found in Yoon Sae Bom’s sample.

4.) A Secret
The reverend is confirmed to have been infected. Yi Hyun saved Sae Bom by once again using his wound.

5.) Sae Bom And Yi Hyun
Sae Bom was worried about Yi Hyun, and did her best to take care of his wound. She also checked if he had a fever, and was relieved to find out that he seems to be fine.

6.) Supplies
As the residents are now running out of supplies, they turned to Sae Bom, Yi Hyun, and Kim Se Hun for help.

7.) Yi Hyun’s Secret?
Towards the end, Yi Hyun is seen checking his wound—which seems to be scratch from the infected.

EPISODE 6 HIGHLIGHTS *currently updating*

8.) Sae Bom Worries About Yi Hyun
Sae Bom is suspecting Yi Hyun to be infected after seeing how his wound healed quickly and how he seems to be avoiding drinking water. Yi Hyun reassured her that he’s okay (despite knowing that he has a hidden wound on his chest from an infected person), and even showed her the wound on his hand and how it’s not fully healed. However, it was shown that Yi Hyun opened the wound again when he was alone.

9.) Missing People
Kim Sehun went missing after presumably leaving a note stating that the residents can now share his rations. It was later revealed that he’s been killed, along with the cleaning lady.

10.) Lies
Shin So Yoon found out about her Kook Hae Sung’s, her husband, indecent relationship with Woo Sang Hee.

11.) Sae Bom’s Plasma
Han Tae Sook’s wife’s sudden outrage led him to using Sae Bom’s plasma to save her. Although it wasn’t shown if it truly cured her, it did stop her outrage and stabilized her situation. Yi Hyun has also been in contact with Han Tae Seok, as he tries to get Sae Bom and Seo Yoon out of the apartment.

12.) Andrew Face Reveal
Andrew is revealed to have been using a fake identity, and is actually a killer.

“Happiness” is available with English subtitles on Viu and iQIYI.

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