ACTOR TRIVIA: 5 Things About Lee Joo Seung, (who plays “Andrew” in “Happiness”)

Lee Joo Seung plays Andrew, one of the renters in Seyang Forest Le Ciel Building 101. He is seen to always be wearing a black mask and green eye goggles.

Here are 5 things you might want to know about the actor.

1.) Born on July 20, 1989; the actor is now 32 years old.

2.) He majored in Theater at Seoul University, and starred in various independent film. He gained recognition for his acting skills through the 2014 film “Shuttlecock.”

3.) He also starred in the Korean dramas “High School King of Savvy,” “Pinocchio,” “The Producers,” “Voice,” “Let’s Eat” 2 and 3, and “Doctor Prisoner,” among many others.

4.) His Instagram username is @kakatora, where he posts behind-the-scenes photos and selcas of him and his cast members.

5.) He won the Independent Star Award, Best New Actor, and Jury’s Special Award For An Actor for his portrayals in “Shuttlecock” and “Sabra,” he was also nominated as the Best Actor for “Socialphobia.”

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