Jun Ji Hyun’s Three Beauty Secrets To Her Youthful-Looking Skin

Jun Ji Hyun’s appearance in her 2021 drama “Jirisan” pretty much made people question whether the 40-year-old actress actually found the fountain of youth due to her unchanging beauty.

Hence, here are some of Jun Ji Hyun’s beauty secrets in keeping her skin looking young.

1.) Facial Cleansing
She has a very particular way of washing her skin. She first uses lukewarm water, then a cleanser, and finally rinses with cold water as fast as possible. She then taps her skin gently with her fingertips to promote blood circulation.

2.) DIY Mask
She creates her own mask sheet using a mixture of lemon juice (for brightening her skin), wine (which has antioxidants), and a toner. She then soaks all ingredients into a paper towel before letting it set on her skin.

Caution, however, as not all skin types may benefit from the same mixture. It is always best to check with your dermatologist first before trying a new routine.

3.) The Basics
Jun Ji Hyun also makes sure to take enough water (a little cold or room temperature) and get a good night’s sleep as much as possible. She also tries to do some simple stretching before she sleeps.

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