QUICK EPISODE RECAP: “Nevertheless” Episode 5 — Breakups, Drunken Confessions, And Misunderstandings

*major spoiler warning*
Here’s what happened in the 5th episode of “Nevertheless,” from Nabi ending things with Jae Eon, Bit Na’s confession, and whether Jae Eon really two-timed.

1.) Nabi’s Resolve
Nabi was about to end her relationship with Jae Eon when a man arrived and attacked him. The said man mentioned that Jae Eon kept messing with his sister. Nabi tried to stop them and got hurt in the process. Sol and Ji Wan saw them and decided to call the police. When things cooled down, Nabi talked to Jae Eon and the two decided to end things between them.

2.) Misunderstandings
It turns out that the man’s sister misunderstood her relationship with Jae Eon. Meanwhile, Bit Na saw Kyu Hyun on another date with their classmate’s friend. She mentioned how Kyu Hyun easily agreed to eat mint chocolate ice cream, when they both dislike the flavor.

3.) Noodles
Nabi visted Do Hyeok during his shift at the noodles restaurant. Do Hyeok gave her his promised noodles meal, and also complimented her art. The two talked about art and cooking, and proceeded to compliment each other. Do Hyeok also gave her a gift, to which Nabi happily accepts.

4.) Drunken Confession
Oh Bit Na confessed to Kyu Hyun, to which he made sure to tell her to not go back on her word the next day.

5.) Nabi’s Presentation
Before her presentation, Nabi asked Ji Wan if she looked better with her up or with her hair down. Ji Wan replied that both looked pretty. However, when she bumped into Jae Won, he told her that she looked better with her hair up. She then decided to tie her hair before the presentation. During her presentation, the students were asked who was willing to be her assistant. Jae Eon raised his hand, and Nabi asked him and another male student as her assistants.

6.) Assistant
Jae Eon showed her his workshop and taught her how to use metal for her artwork. Seol A tried to call Jae Eon while he was working with Nabi. She eventually saw them together at the workshop. Jae Eon called her when Nabi left, and Seol A just told him to cancel their meet-up.

7.) Ponytail
Nabi asked Seol A what’s her relationship with Jae Eon, to which Seol A replied that they used to date and are now seeing each other again. Nabi then said that she’s just friends with Jae Eon, and then walked away. However, she went back and told Seol A that she should keep her hair long as Jae Eon likes “doing it” with a partner whose hair is tied. She then walked out and took off her ponytail.

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