Korean Drama Fashion: The Earring Song Kang Gave To Han So Hee In “Nevertheless” Is Worth 17,500 Pesos

In the 5th episode of “Nevertheless,” Na Bi’s (portrayed by Han So Hee) earrings got broken after she tried to defend Jae Eon (portrayed by Song Kang) from a man who tried to attack him. After the encounter, the two then “ended their relationship”. Days later, Jae Eon sent a gift to Na Bi, the earrings she lost from the encounter.

The earrings are from the brand STONEHENgE, a brand endorsed by “My Love From The Star” actress Jun Ji Hyun, and are under their Silhouette Collection. It is made of 14K Rose Gold and is priced at 398,000 Korean won or 17,544.24 Philippine pesos.

Although it was never mentioned whether Jae Eon is from a rich family, it might be possible to assume that he is, since a college student can’t easily afford a piece of 5-digits jewelry. (Same with Na Bi, but it could have been from her mom or an older loved one.)

Here’s where you can find the item:

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