Bae Suzy On Portraying Hyemi In “Dream High” And Doona In Netflix’s “Doona!”

Bae Suzy talked about playing aspiring singer Hyemi in “Dream High” and retired K-pop girl group member Doona in “Doona!”during our Netflix’s roundtable interview with other global press.

She said, “Back then, I played the role of Hyemi, who had the dream of becoming a K-pop idol [or a singer]. So, for that role, the important keyword is the “dream” part. But, for Doona, she already made her debut. She is someone who is going through [a tough time], which is hopefully a passing phase.”

Photo Courtesy of: Netflix

Suzy was asked how she feels that it felt like a “full circle” to play an both roles. She said, “I actually thought of the two characters seprateraly from one another, but hearing your question. That’s really cool to hear it from that sense. It’s very cool, and a lot comes to mind right now,” smiling as she recalls her past series.

She then added, “I think I’m lucky in that way, because I have two occupations that I have the opportunity to be suggested these roles. But, honestly, I’ve never really chose them or placed a lot of meaning in [picking the roles] I think, whenever I come accorss a project I try to choose a character or story I’m drawn to at that time. And I think it’s a lucky coincidence to that I get to play a similar role once again.”

All episodes of “Doona” are now streaming via Netflix.

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