Yang Se Jong Revealed His Efforts To Portray The 10 Years Younger Won Jun In Netflix’s “Doona!” — Press Conference

At the Netflix press conference for the newly released series “Doona!,” Yang Se Jong discussed his preparations to portray his character, Won Jun—who is around 10 years younger than his current age. The 31-year-old actor stated that he did laser hair removal for his facial hair and started working out, in addition to having a good skincare routine consisting of face masks and the like.

The revelation shocked the host, Park Hyung Lim. More so, since Yang Se Jong is as youthful as ever during the press event.

Photo Courtesy of: Netflix

Still, he mentioned that “Doona!” could be the last drama where he will portray a role who is at that age—whether a student or someone in his early 20s. Hence, the reason why he accepted the offer.

Photo Courtesy of: Netflix

The Netflix Original Series “Doona!” is Yang Se Jong’s comeback drama after his mandatory military service. He also admitted to feeling nervous during the press conference, but evidently showcased confidence toward the end of the interviews.

“Doona” is about a former K-pop girl group member and a male college student who start to develop feelings for each other as they live together in a share house. The series is now streaming on Netflix.

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