Dive Deeper Into Ive And Their New Ep ‘I’ve Mine’ With Fresh Spotify K-pop On! Episodes

After just six months, IVE has made another comeback with the drop of the bold, playful and unapologetically real EP, ‘I’VE MINE.’

Featuring not just one or two, but three title songs – Either WayOff The Record, and BaddieI’VE MINE is a showcase of the sextet’s growth and multi-faceted charms. And it’s definitely got DIVEs around the world hooked: since its pre-release, Either Way and Off The Record have already amassed more than 18 million Spotify streams combined. Meanwhile, Baddie, the last title track, has achieved more than 2.7 million streams since its release on October 13.

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In celebration of this release, Spotify had An Yujin, Gaeul, Rei, Jang Wonyoung, Liz, and Leeseo on the set of K-Pop ON! to bring fans a series of episodes that will dive deep into I’VE MINE and the color of IVE. 

Catch the “pretty little risky baddie” and more sides of IVE 


For starters, watch IVE as they take on a game of Spotipoly. From showing the camera their best poses, to uncoding the most adorable drawings, the chaotic energy ensues as the girls are put to tests of concentration and teamwork – all to win chances to personally introduce each track within I’VE MINE. Tune in for the TMIs and learn about the songs that resonated with them the most.

Next, be sure to catch their Roulette Interview to get even more up close and personal with the girls. Between answering DIVEs’ most burning questions, talking about their recent concert, and discussing their biases, the members take on surprise missions, uncovering more to the adorable “baddies” we all know and love. 

“With the ‘Triple-Title Song’ mini album, I think we’ll show ourselves in diverse ways so I’m excited about that,” shares IVE’s An Yun Jin.

Catch these episodes only on Spotify’s K-Pop ON! video podcast and YouTube channels. The IVE fever doesn’t end there, because exclusive behind-the-scenes footage is set to drop today, on October 17, 2023. 

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