Bae Suzy Talks About The Challenges Of Being A K-pop Artist; Empathizes With Her Netflix Series Character, Lee Doona: “I want to give her a big hug” — Press Conference

During the press conference for the Netflix series “Doona!”, Bae Suzy talked about how she somewhat identifies with her character, Lee Doona.

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She explains, “I also had some parts when I really felt for the character, Doona.” She added, “My heart was really fluttering, I would sometimes scream when I was reading the script.” And then said, “If you watch the show, you’ll really think that I’m perfectly in sync with the character.”

The singer-actress, who debuted in JYP Entertainment’s Miss A, talked about the time she actively promoted as a K-pop girl group member.

She first stated that while filming for “Doona,” she wanted to give a big hug to her character. Suzy explained, “I did think of the times when I was part of a girl group. So, looking back, I felt that there are moments when I felt I was struggling. But, I didn’t really know much. I think I tried to deny that I was struggling. I tried to just stay as a bubbly person, and stay in my bright bubbly kind of character.”

Photo Courtesy of: Netflix

She continued, “But Doona is different. She would express her feelings in every extent. She let her self suffer, she let her self go through those emotions. So, I kind of was envious of her, and I could resonate with her in that sense. So, that’s why I thought I wanted to give her a big hug.”

Photo Courtesy of: Netflix

Suzy also mentioned her fictional girl group, Dream Sweet. She said, “While were filming the show, we had to practice. It’s been quite a long time since I had members together with me, and doing a group performance. It was quite new because I had different members this time. But we got quite close to each other.”

She shared, ‘At first it was a mess, but, later on, we became better synchronised as a group. So, I felt very satisfied.”

Photo Courtesy of: Netflix

Netflix’s “Doona!” is about a former K-pop idol who, due to circumstances, now lives in a share house. She meets Won Jun (portrayed by Yang Se Jong) and gets involved in a complicated relationship with him.

“Doona” is streaming on Netflix on October 20.

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