Dark Korean Drama “Vigilante” To Debut November 8 Exclusively On Disney+

When a criminal with a history of violence is given a light sentence after beating a woman to death, the woman’s child will grow up to exact revenge in Vigilante, an all-new dark Korean drama coming November 8 exclusively to Disney+.

Photo Courtesy of: Disney+

Based on the hit Korean webtoon of the same name by Kim Kyusam and CRG, Vigilante sees former victim Kim Jiyong grow up driven by a thirst for revenge. Tired of seeing the legal system fail and repeat offenders be set free, Jiyong spends his formative years becoming a star student at the police academy. A martial arts master and bookish academic, he uses his inside knowledge to pursue non-repentant repeat offenders and deliver his own violent form of justice. But when the media catches on to his attacks, Jiyong will be forced into a cat and mouse game to continue pursuing criminals while avoiding being caught himself.

Starring Nam Joohyuk (Start-Up, Twenty Five Twenty-One) as the vengeful vigilante Kim Jiyong; Yoo Jitae (Oldboy, Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area) as Jo Heon, a ruthless detective committed to stopping the vigilante at any cost; Lee Junhyuk (Stranger, Designated Survivor: 60 Days) as Cho Kangok; and Kim Sojin (The Spy Gone North, The King) as Choi Miryeo, a broadcaster who exposes the Vigilante’s actions; Vigilante is directed by Choi Jeongyeol.

Vigilante will join a whole host of award-winning Korean content now available on Disney+, including Moving, about a group of South Korean spies working to protect their super powered children from harm and exploitation at the hands of malicious government agencies; as well as the recently released The Worst of Evil – a fast-paced crime thriller that sees volatile police officer Park Junmo infiltrate a dangerous new gang in an attempt to bring them down from the inside. Disney+ subscribers can also enjoy access to a whole library of endless entertainment, including other APAC Originals and global tentpole titles.

Stream the first two episodes of this eight-part series from November 8, exclusively on Disney

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