Ahn Hyo Seop On What Makes Him Happy: “Love [For His Fans]”

“Kamusta ka, ako si Ahn Hyo Seop,” the actor said as he greeted the members of the media last October 7 at his Manila press conference for his HERE AND NOW Fan Meeting via BENCH.

He opened his press conference, “It’s actually my first time to come here in the Philippines, and I’m really excited.” And added, “I’m really happy that I got to visit as well.”

Photo from: BENCH

As a BENCH endoreser, Ahn Hyo Seop also cited why he loves the brand. He said, “I usually like to wear comfortable clothes. So, that is why, in my everyday life, I wear BENCH clothing. Of course, I also think that something that I wear should be comfortable for me for the people who see me to feel the comfort, too. That’s why I love wearing BENCH.” He also picked the baseball jacket design from BENCH as one of his favorite pieces.

Ahn Hyo Seop also divulged on what makes him happy. He said, “While going to my different fan meets, I felt something. While I was able to see my fans and their faces of happiness, [I thought] ‘maybe I am doing something [worthwhile] now.’ I think the moment that the fans gave me through their happy and comfortable faces and the love that I gave to them, when these two differents love touch together—I can’t express how happy I was.”

Photo from: BENCH

He further explained, “It’s not just me receiving the love. But being able to form this love, where it is done together. I think I can say that it allows me to say that love keeps me happy.” He ended his press conference with a simple but sweet: “Salamat po, mahal kita.”

Ahn Hyo Seop is known for his Korean drama roles in the hit series “Business Proposal”, “Doctor Romantic” seasons 2 and 3, and Netflix’s “A Time Called You.”

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