FIRST IMPRESSION REVIEW: “The Worst Of Evil”—A Bloody Action Series As Its Premise, But Surprisingly Has A Heart-Tugging Side

A low-ranking police officer named Park Jun Mo (portrayed by Ji Chang Wook) infiltrates a criminal organization, led by Jung Gi Cheol (portrayed by Wi Ha Jun), for a widespread drug-related investigation—but things turn complicated when Jun Mo learns about the past relationship between Gi Cheol and his wife, Eui Jeong (portrayed by Lim Semi).

“The Worst Of Evil” started bloody, deadly, and full of violence as its premise—with the action genre as its core. But, actually, the series also has an emotional and heart-tugging side as the episodes begin to progress.

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Here are 7 reasons why “The Worst Of Evil” is worth streaming on Disney+:

1.) Ji Chang Wook is back in action.
Pre-military Ji Chang Wook was known for his action scenes in dramas such as “K2,” “Suspicious Partner,” and “Empress Ki,” among others. After completing his mandatory service, the actor started to explore other genres including romantic comedy in most of his recent series such as “Backstreet Rookie,” a bit of sci-fi in “Melting Me Softly,” and the musical drama “The Sound Of Magic.” In “The Worst Of Evil,” Ji Chang Wook dives into the action genre once again and did not disappoint. During the press conference for the series, the actor even mentioned that his new drama with Disney+ is not just about coordinated stunt but also has a lot to do with the emotions they put in every move.

2.) Wi Ha Jun can really pull off well-balanced characters.
Wi Ha Jun is simply efficient when it comes to balancing the good and the evil in his characters: You’d hate him yet understand him, you’d doubt him yet trust him—he’s simply made of characters that showcases both yin and yang. Plus, despite being the show’s anti-hero, the actor still emits his signature “sexy” yet “innocent” charms in a different way.

3.) Lim Se Mi is finally the female lead.
Lim Semi has been acting in 2006, and although she got breakthrough roles in “True Beauty” and “Duty After School,” this is actually her first time to play the role of a female lead. The first few showcased how she’s a key player in the series, but also left viewers curious on what her character may bring to the table.

4.) It’s a bloody series, but with a love triangle.
A lot of action series, especially ones that are violent in nature and has gore, often forgo romance. But this series, gives us that drama without feeling out of place. Sure, the characters feel rather too intertwined for everything to be coincidental. But rather than feeling forced, it gave the plot more meat and made the story intriguing and interesting.

5.) It’s set in the 90s.
The drama gets away with most things that would be caught easily in present time. But the challenges of not having advance technology is also evident and helps in creating tension in each scene.

6.) It’s violent in nature, but not to the point that it’s stomach-turning.
Heads-up. “The Worst Of Evil” shows a lot of blood and gruesome torture scenes, but tries to emit unnecessary bloodshed. Or at least until the first three episodes.

7.) The mystery and thrill.
The pacing seems slow at first, but becomes fast-paced after a while. The first episode really it time to build the characters—simmering until cooked. That build up really makes the ending of the third episode so satisfying as you feel some sort of connection with the characters. The familiarity is there as you already know their goals, but the unanswered questions keep the viewers on their seats.

All in all, “The Worst Of Evil” is dark and intriguing. But hints a sentimental side. It’s a crime-thriller that hooks viewers as they tug in their lingering curiosity about the main characters and their relationships with each other. There’s a lot to be curious of that you’d stay to get answers, but end up getting attached to the story and the characters.

“The Worst Of Evil” is now streaming on Disney+.

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