Go Hyun Jung Opens Up About Working With Nana And Lee Han Byeol For The Main Role In “Mask Girl”; Also Talks About Mo Mi’s Feelings Toward Her Child, Mi Mo

In a roundtable interview with veteran actress Go Hyun Jung, giaallana.com asked the actress about how it was working and syncing with the two other Kim Mo Mi’s. Lee Han Byeol played the first adult Kim Mo Mi, followed by Nana who portrayed the character after surgery, and, finally, Go Hyun Jung, who became the final Kim Mo Mi as the character served around 10 years in prison.

She said, “Well, I have been acting for 34 or 35 years. So, I guess you can say that I am a veteran actor, I don’t know. As for the character Mo Mi, usually when I work on a project, I am the main lead. So, I just tend to go straight at it with no restriction, in terms of how I interpret the character and what I deemed fit for the portrayal of the character. However, in Mask Girl, because three actors had to share one character, I tried to refrain myself from going too overboard in terms of interpreting or understanding the character. And what I try to focus on the most was the fact that previous to my portrayal of her, she was very, somehow, active in the outside world. But, now, she is someone who has been imprisoned for 10 years. So, I try to focus on the fact: “How has she changed? And what is the state of Mo Mi after those 10 years?” That was my focal point.”

In another question by an Indonesian news outlet, the actress was asked about working with the two actresses to build their different yet similar versions of Kim Mo Mi. She shared, “The three of us didn’t really cross paths on set. So, I relied completely on the direction of the director.” She added that they didn’t discuss, study, or interpreted each other’s portrayals, but added, “Still, we always had that sense that we were all connected. We tried to root for one another as well.”


Go Hyun Jung also shared how she felt Mo Mi must have felt after seeing her child, Mi Mo, for the first time. She described it as having “an immense amount of guilt and shame.”


The actress also gave out the reason on why she accepted the role. She said, “It was unlike anything that I have come by, in terms of the genre,” stating how she was “intrigued about the character.” She also described her character as “a puzzle piece that would completely assimilate into the story with the rest of the cast and crew.” She added how she would ask questions such as, “Will I be able to contribute into creating this great big picture?”

All in all, Go Hyun Jung concluded her feelings for “Mask Girl,” stating, “This drama holds a lot of meaning into my heart.”

“Mask Girl” is now streaming on Netflix.

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