FILM REVIEW: 4 Reasons To Watch “Past Lives”—starring Greta Lee And Yoo Teo—An Oridinary Story With Extraordinary Storytelling

The film, “Past Lives,” tells the story of separated sweethearts, Nora (Greta Lee) and Hae Sung (Yoo Teo), and how they reconnected as adults. Are they destined to be together or destined to part ways?

Photo Courtesy of: TBA Studios

Here are 4 reasons to watch #PastLives in Philippine theaters:

1.) It feels like “home.” The characters in “Past Lives” are relatable in some ways. They’re humanized to the point that viewers can pick up characteristics or stories that are similar to their own—making it easier to connect with the overall plot.

2.) It’s about love, but not all about love. The premise is about lost love and finding love, but it also showcases each characters’ individuality and priorities. The film is a very realistic portrayal on how love is not just about how one feels, but is also a consistent choice. It’s not just about chemistry, but also whether a person fits in one’s life and lifestyle.

3.) Viewers will be hooked on the emotional connection the characters bring, not just through the well-thought out writing, but also with its cinematography that seems to tell its own story.

4.) Korean-Canadian writer-director Celine Song dips on the differences between Koreans in Korea and those who had to migrate to other countries, but showcases the difference in their everyday lives. It’s brilliant and captivating in a way that “Past Lives” was able to simplify a complex topic, while still staying true to its main idea.

All in all, “Past Lives” is a nostalgic slice-of-life film that gives off a familiar feeling. It’s an ordinary story with extraordinary storytelling. It revolves around the theme, destiny, but executes the plot in a more realistic way. It doesn’t sugarcoat, but also doesn’t leave a bitter aftertaste—in the end, it is what it is: an unpredictable love and life.

“Past Lives” is now in Philippine cinemas. Special thanks to TBA Studios for the advance screening invite.

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