ENDING EXPLAINED: Did Kim Kyung Ja Knew That Kim Mi Mo Is Her Grandchild?—The Director Of “Mask Girl” Answers In An Interview

In a roundtable interview, giaallana.com got to ask the director of Netflix’s “Mask Girl”, Kim Yong Hoon, whether Kim Mi Mo’s paternal grandmother, Kim Kyung Ja, knew that Mi Mo is her grandchild in the end—it turns out, it’s confirmed that she heartbreakingly never found out.

Photo from: Netflix Korea’s Mask Girl

Director Kim Yong Hoon said, “My understanding is that she didn’t know. I thought the story needed tragedy and irony. And those two are very important in portraying the story.”

He then explained, “And, I think, if Kyung Ja did not know, then the tragedy and irony is accentuated. Because she always wanted a grandchild, and she always wanted to be close to her son and receive filial piety from her son. But her grandchild is right there in front of her, and she doesn’t even know that it’s her own grandchild—and even she even tries to kill her. So, there’s the irony and tragedy inside the story, which is really very much accentuated, and that’s how I view it.”

“Mask Girl” is streaming via Netflix.

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