“Behind Your Touch” Korean Drama Review: 7 Reasons To Watch This Unserious Yet Serious, Funny But Thrilling Series—Starring Han Ji Min, Lee Min Ki, And EXO’s Suho

“Behind Your Touch” is silly and hilarious, but has an unexpected twist. Here are seven reasons why you might want to add this to your Korean drama watch list.

1.) The plot is whimsical.
Who would have thought that they’d be able to make a fantasy-mystery-romantic comedy series where the female lead can read memories by touching their behinds? Especially coming from the director (Kim Suk Yoon) and writer (Lee Nam Kyu) of the melodrama “The Light In Your Eyes.” Their latest work, “Behind Your Touch”, is experimental and a mix of different genres, yet they somehow made it work. This is because the two actually worked together before via a comedy film, “Detective K.”

During the press conference with the series, Director Kim stated, “We [writer Lee] go way back. We started off with a sitcom, a comedy sitcom. So, our forte is comedy. And, we have worked on other genres as well, usually more maybe dark ones. But after “Detective K,” we get to come back with a really fun comedy, so I’m really happy about that. So that’s how we teamed up for this show,” explaining how they’re pretty much just going back to their roots.

2.) It’s unserious, yet serious at the same time.
Just like the previous point, the show can jump from comedy to mystery with ease. It’s funny, but thrilling with a dash of romance. Even the crimes in the drama’s setting, Mujin, goes from light to severe–as if preparing the viewers for something appalling: the calm before the storm.

Director Kim commented, “But, you know, comedy and thriller it’s very difficult to marry together. So, towards the early parts of the story, there is more comedy and then going forward and as the story unfolds the comedic aspect sort of becomes less present and it’s more weighted toward drama and thriller. That was something that we really worked hard to do. Because towards the later parts of the story there are extreme, you know, very serious and grave crimes happening. And in moments there will slightly be moments of comedy. And so those are some of the areas that we try to strike just the right balance.”

3.) Lee Min Ki (as Detective Jang Yeol) and Han Ji Min (Veterinarian Bong Ye Bun) are proven to be versatile actors who can ace different genres.
The two have worked with the director-writer tandem before: Lee Min Ki in “My Liberation Notes” and Han Ji Min in “The Light In Your Eyes.” With their vast filmography, these two are seen to easily pull off switching emotions in between the ever-changing tones in each episode’s scenes.

4.) Suho as Kim Seon Woo is a puzzling character.
Kim Seon Woo is interesting as there’s not much known information about him, but the show keeps dropping hints on who he might be. This, however, could just be to confuse the audience or can truly be” puzzle pieces” to solve his identity.

5.) The “Twenty Five Twenty One references.
Fans of the drama will have a good laugh (and a bit of secondhand embarrassment) when watching parody scenes of the hit series. There’s also the funny supporting characters, and that one sketchy character–that appear then disappear like Na Hee Do and Baek Yi Jin’s relationship.

6.) The spotlight on pets and farm animals.
The series showcases a pet’s loyalty and love for their owners, gives awareness to animal abuse and neglect, and even focuses on the needs of farm animals.

7.) There’s so much going on, but the pacing doesn’t rush things.
Hence, new information is not overwhelming and the show is easy to digest. No pun intended.

Overall, “Behind Your Touch” is funny and intriguing. It has a somewhat fresh approach, given life by on-and-off screen talents who were able to “touch” on different genres throughout their careers.

The series is streaming via Netflix.

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