FIRST IMPRESSION REVIEW: 7 Reasons To Watch Disney+’s “Moving”—A Star-Studded Fantasy Series

“Moving” tells the story of students with superpowers, and their parents–also with special abilities–who try to hide their secrets from the world. Problems arise when the old generation’s hidden past gets drag into the present, and mysterious murders follow along.

Here are 7 reasons why “Moving” is worth streaming on Disney+:

1.) Seamless storytelling that utilized the drama’s stellar cast.
“Moving” features an a-list cast (Ryu Seung Ryung, Han Hyo Joo, Jo In Sung, Cha Tae Hyun), several rising stars (Go Youn Jung, Lee Jeong Ha, Kim Do Hoon), and iconic supporting actors. Yet—despite the number of characters—they are all treated as key elements of the story. Each have their own highlighted arcs without diverting away from the main storyline.

2.) Well-written characters.
The characters’ backstories are fleshed out and their feelings are well-communicated. This, in turn, lets the viewers understand who they truly are and their motives . There’s also no black-and-white distinction between the good and evil. Even the good has faults, and no one (yet) is known to have been born purely evil.

3.) Both the past and present storylines are intriguing.
Like most dramas, the past gives a better insight on why the present is as it is. But, in “Moving,” both stories can also be standalone plots. Plus, the smooth shifts between the past and present is worth commending.

4.) Super powers with a twist.
With so many supernatural and fantasy genres, it’s nice to see small tweaks here and there that also add meaning to the plot. It’s not much of a change, but those subtle details lead to a bigger reason and adds impact to the storyline. Learning about the characters and their powers is also something to anticipate in every episode of “Moving.”

5.) Believable fantasy aspect.
Good CGI, effects, and cinematography lets you fully immerse in their world without disruptions.

Photo credits: Disney+

6.) Fleshing out characters in the first 7 episodes.
The initial premise sets up the tone of the show. It’s a good decision to release the the first 7 episodes, as they serve as the drama’s intro . The ending of episode 7 also makes the next ones worth waiting for.

7.) It’s not just for Korean drama viewers.
The sentimental set-ups make this a treat for traditional Korean drama viewers. But fans of adventure genres–both for Hollywood and anime–would truly appreciate how this Webtoon (by “Kang Full” ) turned Korean series came to life.

“Moving” is now streaming via Disney Plus PH.

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