Korean Drama Review: 7 Reasons To Watch “King The Land”, A Romantic Comedy Done Right—Starring Im Yoona and Lee Junho via Netflix

“King The Land” easily checked all the boxes of a good classic Korean romantic comedy series. Here are 7 reasons to watch this ongoing drama on Netflix.

1.) The Cinderella Story Effect
“King The Land” tells the story of an aloof hotel chaebol (Lee Junho as Gu Won) falling in love with the bright and friendly lobby receptionist (Im Yoona as Sarang)—a tried and tested formula, but “King The Land” still introduces new themes and goes through a rather less dramatic route. It’s not your typical rich-guy-poor-girl story: the male lead is not as arrogant, and the female lead wasn’t exactly oppressed.

2.) Cute clichés scenes and K-drama tropes that are proven to make viewers feel kilig.
All these scenes give a familiar feeling. “King The Land” is pretty much like an old friend with a feel-good vibe that you’ve known for years. The series embodies the definition of a comfort drama.

3.) Undeniable chemistry between the main leads, Im Yoona and Lee Junho as Sarang and Gu Won, respectively.

Yoona and Junho are oozing with chemistry, and it’s no wonder as the two have known each other for over a decade. Hailing from being a part of the K-pop scene’s second generation’s big three, Yoona in SNSD and Junho in 2PM have worked as colleagues in the industry for around 15 years. The two also showcased their chemistry back in 2021 when they danced to Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello’s “Señorita” at the 2021 MBC Music Festival. Now, as Sarang and Gu Won, the two can easily pull viewers in and make the audience fall in love with them.

4.) Supporting characters and their blossoming romance.
Although we’re mainly seeing Sarang and Gu Won’s relationship, it’s also cute to watch some side (love) stories.

5.) On-point comedy.
If you need a good laugh, “King The Land” is packed with funny (free-from-inhibitions) moments.

6.) A stress-free romcom series for your weekly weekend escape.
The drama is pure entertainment, and just what you need when you need a breather.

7.) Plus, the addition of highlighting the daily lives of people working in the customer service industry.
“King The Land” showcases the up-and-downs of those working in the hotel, airline, and retail service. Although done in a somewhat comical way, the portrayal still brings awareness.

All in all, “King The Land” is simply nostalgic as it takes back viewers to the good old days of K-romance but with *chef’s kiss* high-quality cinematography and a fast-paced storyline. It’s predictable yet fun; the kind you’d want to watch if you’d like to have butterflies in your stomach and a good laugh after a long hectic week. Hermès!

“King The Land” is now streaming via Netflix.

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