“Revenant” Korean Drama Review: Spine-Chilling Mystery Thriller Series With A Compelling Plot—Starring Kim Tae Ri via Disney+

“Revenant” takes on a genre that’s seemingly becoming a favorite among Korean drama viewers: a mystery and thriller series with a dash of horror that’ll keep you at the edge of your seats.

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“Revenant” follows a theme where evil spirits exists in the human realm and have been causing trigger warning forced suicide cases. Written by Kim Eun Hee (behind hit drama series “Kingdom,” “Signal,” and “Jirisan”), her latest work is expected to serve the same enthralling writing—and the first two episodes did just that.

Led by Kim Tae Ri (from “Twenty Five Twenty One”) as the possessed Gu San Yeong, Oh Jung Se (from “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay”) as the folklore professor seeking revenge Yeom Hae Sang, and Hong Kyung (from “Weak Hero Class 1”) as detective Lee Hong Sae; the drama often takes an unexpected turn that’ll keep viewers engaged while co-solving mysteries with the characters. Its integrated approach of overlapping crimes produced by humans and those that are done by ghosts or spirits will keep you guessing which is which while asking the question “who is more evil?”

Photos Courtesy of: Disney+

The drama is also Kim Tae Ri’s first horror series—previously acing her roles as Ae Shin in the historical melodrama “Mr. Sunshine” and as Na Hee Do in the coming-of-age romantic comedy series “Twenty Five Twenty One”—as she keeps on reinventing herself in television. The actress simply proves her versatility, playing a somewhat dual role as the dejected yet diligent San Yeong and her vengeful possessed form in “Revenant.” Paired with co-award-winning actors Oh Jung Se and Hong Kyung, it wouldn’t be a surprise if “Revenant” gets nominated in the upcoming drama awards.

All in all, “Revenant” firmly introduces heavy themes from the get-go: from occult to crimes to depression and suicidal tendencies. Although it’s not for the fainthearted, viewers who enjoy shocking yet logical twists would truly stay “for the plot.” Whether you’re a fan or new to the genre, “Revenant” is for those looking for a somewhat fresh perspective, excellent acting due to good casting, and won’t mind a bit of jump-scare from time-to-time. It’s a spine-chilling series that’ll keep you hooked due to its compelling storyline.

“Revenant” is now streaming via Disney+.

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