ITZY Sing Tagalog Version Of Their Songs; Celebrates Ryujin’s Birthday With PH MIDZYs During BENCH Fan Meeting

ITZY’s Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna recently visited the Philippines once again for their WANNABE with BENCH Fan Meet at the Mall Of Asia Arena last April 16.

The girls performed their hit songs “WANNABE” and “SNEAKERS.” They also made sure to communicate with their fans, as promised during their press conference. They interacted with the audience all through the event as the girls individually danced with chosen Filipino MIDZYs and even gave away t-shirts they personally designed. Lucky fans also got to give them messages.

Ryujin, who celebrated her birthday the next day—April 17, got a birthday surprise from the crowd as they sang her a “happy birthday.”

During their fan meeting, the girls got to talk about what they love about the Philippines. They stated how much they want to visit Boracay. The girls shared that they all love the Filipino dessert, halo-halo, while Ryujin also mentioned her other favorite food, “Kwek-Kwek.”

Filipinos were also in for a treat, as the girls sang their song, “In The Morning,” in Filipino—adding lyrics such as “Galawang Mafia” to the track. They also showcased their Tagalog skills as they said phrases such as “mahal kita” and “haay nako!”

If you’re missing the girls, BENCH also recently released their group photos with their Filipino MIDZYs.

Plus, here’s another BENCH look featuring ITZY!

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