ASTRO’s Moonbin Passed Away At The Age Of 25

ASTRO’s Moonbin passed away at the age of 25. Authorities will conduct an autopsy to determine the actual cause.

His agency, Fantagio, also confirmed the news via an official statement.

Fan Translation

Fantagio also requested privacy regarding Moonbin’s funeral. Hence, they do not want any type of coverage of those who are mourning.

They said, “The bereaved family of Moonbin, who is deeply saddened by the sudden unfortunate news, wishes to carry out the funeral quietly. They wish for the entire process of the funeral from the wake to the departure of the funeral procession to be carried out privately from the reporters. The bereaved family members do not want coverage of those who are mourning. We sincerely ask that you make his last journey beautiful, and we earnestly ask for your deep condolences,” as translated via Soompi.

Moonbin recently visited the Philippines with Sanha for their Manila concert at the New Frontier Theater last March 25.

Condolences to his family and loved ones.

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