Stray Kids Gave Another Reason For PH STAYs to “Stay” During Their 2023 Manila Concert

Stray Kids held the Manila leg of their 2nd World Tour MANIAC at the Mall Of Asia Arena last March 11 and 12, presented by Pulp Live World.

The boys—Bang Chan, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, and I.N—opened the night with their tracks “Maniac,” “Venom,” and “Red Lights.” Leader Bang Chan initiated their first greeting, “You guys are very very energetic today! So we’ll be starting the show with a energetic greeting! Are you guys ready? 1,2, Step out. Hello, we are Stray Kids!”—followed by Tagalog introductions from the members.

The group continued their performances with “Easy,” “All In,” “District 9,” “Back Door,” and “Charmer,” among many others. The crowd then started to cheer even louder when the group performed their hit songs “Thunderous,” “Domino,” and “God’s Menu.” PH STAYs even sang-along the songs, gaining approval from Bang Chan: “I think you guys sing better than us.”

Fans also got to witness “best dancer” Hyunjin’s solo freestyle dance while on stage with co-members Felix and Changmin. Felix eventually indulged STAYs with a cover of “Love Again” by The Kid Laroi. Afterwards, Bang Chan, Lee Know, Seungmin, and I.N performed “Waiting For Us,” knowing fully well how much Filipino STAYs waited for their second solo concert in Manila.

The boys continued to showcase their talents. Lee Know sang “This City” by Sam Fischer, then Seungmin performed an acapella version of “OMG” by NewJeans. Felix, Han, Changbin, and Hyunjin ended their spotlight stages with “Muddy Water,” before transitioning to their new track “Case 143.”

During their ment, Bang Chan and Felix asked the crowd which song they preferred more “Muddy Water” or “Waiting For Us” by screaming. The crowd was so loud that the grouped joked about how all of their Stays will have a “hoarse voice” the next day.

The concert was also very interactive, as STAYs played a dancing and posing game with the members. Towards the end of the show, Stray Kids performed fan-favorites “Hellevator,” “TOP,” “FAM,” and “Miroh.”

For their final ment, each member showcased their appreciation for their Filipino fans as they took their time to thank the crowd in Tagalog with a short but heartfelt “maraming salamat.”

Felix said, “Today is a very good day, don’t you think? I feel like it’s a great day, not a good day. But a GREAT day cause we were able to finally be on stage here in Manila, but also I feel like… just being here, the last time we’re here it was very beautiful. I can see the people are very loving, and very cheerful. You guys did really cheer us up a lot and I feel a lot of that today. I just want to say it one more time: thank you guys so much for coming to see us as we wanted to see you guys in such a long time, too, And, yeah, this would be an unforgettable moment. Thank you so much stays, we love you so much. Magkikita tayo ulit.” Filipino STAYs even sang a “Happy Birthday” song for him, to which he gushed, “It’s not my birthday yet, sing that to me also tomorrow, since it’s much nearer. Sobrang mamimiss ko kayo.”

Bang Chan added, “I’m just really relieved that we could meet each other again, for real, for real. And it’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other [because of COVID-19]. I’m just glad we’re here, and we have this moment together to create great memories together. So, thank you for coming to our concert tonight. Did you guys have fun as well? The energy that I’m feeling from you guys is on a different level. Really on a different level. And you know, we, I mean – maybe let’s not go home—riding on the crowd’s “walang uuwi” chants. We’ll see you guys soon!”

Additionally, Han also addressed concerns about his health, “I know you guys don’t like hearing this, but I’m sorry. I know you guys are very worried about my health issues. But, guys, to be honest, I feel okay, I feel great. During this show, your energy made my condition better. It’s all gone, I feel great now! Please don’t cry, I’m okay.” Fans then started to chant his name, to which Han replied, “Thank you guys so much, I feel shy.”

Changbin then promised that they will come back to Manila again, “Thank you so much, and we’ll make sure to come back soon. Mahal ko kayo!”

The night ended with a photo time as STAYs raised their banners and the boys read the written words in unison, “Nairito kami, ang inyong tahanan.” The group then performed their last tracks for their encore, “Star Lost” and “Haven.”

Bang Chan stated, “Stray Kids everywhere, all around the world.” And the crowd replied, “You make Stray Kids, Stay,” before they took their final bow.

Come back again soon, Stray Kids.

Photos courtesy of: Pulp Live World
Co-written with: Terie Cabugao

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